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Wednesday, May 19 at 1 PM (Eastern US Time)

War Writing Series

"Interventions in Civil Wars: Effectiveness, Legitimacy, and Human Rights” by Dr. Chiara Redaelli

Dr. Chiara Redaelli will be speaking about her new book, “Intervention in Civil Wars: Effectiveness, Legitimacy. Human Rights”.

The book examines the evolution of the legal framework surrounding foreign intervention into internal conflicts. The book begins by exploring the development of the international laws and doctrines governing when it is lawful for a state to intervene in another’s internal conflict prior to, and after, the ratification United Nations Charter. It then covers how state practice and developing legal doctrines interact with one another when it comes to foreign interventions into internal conflict, both on behalf of governments and rebel groups. Dr. Redaelli explains how there is order and patterns to state practice and analyzes those patterns against international legal doctrines governing intervention.

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