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Resiliency Courses

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Sunset Yoga

Staying Grounded with Mind / Body Skills: When we feel overwhelmed, our mind becomes foggy, we lose focus, and our body responds with things like a racing heart, shallow breathing, shakiness, and other reactions. Discover how grounding exercises help calm your body and mind. 42 minutes

Mother and Daughter Meditating

Connecting with Kids helps you learn how to help your children through the challenges and transitions common military life. Explore child development and family dynamics through activities that adults can practice at home with their kids to manage stress and to make healthy and safe decisions. 35 minutes

Couple Having Breakfast

Effective Communication helps you learn how to build strong communication skills to better manage the challenges and transitions often faced by service members, veterans and military families. 31 minutes

Mother and Son

Confident Coping- Communicating Clearly During Times of Stress is designed for children ages 6-12 to take WITH their parents. It teaches how to enhance the coping skills of children and families by teaching techniques for handling stressful experiences in a healthy manner through enhanced communication and hands-on relaxation techniques. 21 minutes

Video Blogger

Some stress is a healthy part of our lives. It can motivate and energize us to action. However, stress can quickly reach unhealthy levels. With Stress Solutions, you can learn the benefits of healthy stress, how to recognize when stress is unhealthy, and know what steps to take to effectively manage stress over the long term. 50 minutes

Stay Grounded

Stress Solutions

Connecting with Kids

Confident Coping

Effective Communication

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