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New Resources for SAF in Development

February 21, 2017

Based on feedback from the IHL Chapter Survey, we will be creating new resources available for SAF staff and volunteers to use internally and externally:

  1. IHL language to include in SAF “Getting to Know Us” briefings and brochures

    • SAF brochure will include IHL language

    • “Getting to Know Us” presentation will include a slide on IHL programs

  2. IHL “Event in a Box”

    • Step-by-step resource on how to put a public IHL event together with little/no funding

  3. PTC Attorney Instructor training on the West Coast

    • Expanding training and Continuing Legal Education offerings across the country

  4. Community Education lectures based on the Advanced IHL trainings offered at NHQ

    • Short 20-45 minute presentations on IHL topics to present to public audiences in local communities

  5. Internal training on IHL for SAF (replacing Born on the Battlefield)

    • Training for staff and volunteers on IHL mandate, definitions, and integration within the Red Cross global network

  6. Reporting mechanisms within the REACH portal to document IHL programs and trainings and capture accurate outreach data

As a reminder, there are a variety of IHL resources that are currently available:

As new resources are developed, we will post them on the Exchange and distribute links in forthcoming Newsletters!

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