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Cyber Operations under International Humanitarian Law 

Speaker: Johnathan Horowitz (ICRC Washington Delegation)

Moderator: Claudia Bennett (American Red Cross Clara Barton IHL Fellow)

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The Ethics of Warfare in the Aztec Civilization

Speaker: Dr. Camilla Townsend

Moderator: Christian Jorgensen (American Red Cross NHQ)

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The Law of Star Wars: IHL in the Star Wars Universe

Speaker: Thomas Harper & Christian Jorgensen 

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Hameeda's Story: 
A first-hand encounter of how education is disrupted by armed conflict

Speaker: Hameeda U. (AFG Aid)

Moderators: Kimia Khatibi (American Red Cross NHQ-IHL Intern); Riley Neper (American Red Cross Wisconsin Region Intern)

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COVID-19 and International Humanitarian Law

Speaker: Professor Oona Hathaway (Yale Law School)

Moderator: Kimia Khatibi (American Red Cross NHQ-IHL Intern)

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Do the Geneva Conventions still Matter?

Speaker: Col. (ret.) Randall Bagwell

Moderator: Christian Goebel (Assumption University

The 2021 Grall Neafsey Lecture, Co-Sponsored by the Ecumenical Institute at Assumption University

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Inviting Non-State Armed Groups to the IHL Table

Speaker: Jonathan Somer (Dansk Rode Kors) & Ezequiel Heffes (Geneva Call)

Moderator: Luciana Vosniak (American Red Cross, Massachusetts Region)