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Basic Level Instructor Training Course

Welcome to the Basic Level Instructor Training Course! Before beginning this training you should be registered in Volunteer Connection. You should add the position description of Basic Level Volunteer IHL Instructor to your Volunteer Connection profile, even though you haven't yet been officially certified to teach the course. Once you complete this training and the subsequent zoom session, the Director of IHL will make a final determination to certify you.

After completing this training you are eligible to be certified as a Basic Level Volunteer IHL Instructor. The Director of IHL for the American Red Cross will be the final certification authority. Once you are certified, you will work with your American Red Cross Regional Service to Armed Forces/International Programs Lead. They will help you find opportunities to teach IHL classes. Although, the 1-hour long "Even War Has Rules" course is designed to be given by a Basic Level Volunteer IHL Instructor, your Regional SAF/IS Lead along with your IHL instructor mentor will decide when you are ready to present alone. 


This training is composed of three modules that are structured around the Even War Has Rules course and will help your prepare for that class. Please save the link to this page so you can complete this training at your own pace. 

You must complete all instructional videos, quizzes, attend a live online training session before you are eligible for certification. After certification, you will be required to present at least one course with an Intermediate or Expert Level Volunteer IHL Instructor before teaching the course on your own. You will also be assigned one of these instructors to serve as your IHL mentor.

The live online training session will occur on Zoom, a video conferencing platform. During the this session, you will learn about how to work with your local American Red Cross Office, and how to plan for teaching IHL content and then conduct teach backs. Participants will be called on to teach a slide to all other participants on the Zoom call. After completing all three modules and scoring at least 90% on each quiz, participants should sign up for a training below using SuperSaas. 

Download a participant follow along document here

Module 1

Basic Level Instructor Training Module 1 Part 1

Basic Level Instructor Training Module 1 Part 1

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